Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocal, Occasional Keyboards

Mike hails from sunny so-cal, born & raised in & about Whittier, a large Los Angeles suburb. Growing up on a strict diet of early 70's bubblegum 45's bought every Friday by grandmother, he started toying with music before kindergarten. 1975 was a big year for 5 year old Mike, when he received a small drum set, electric guitar, his own LP copy of "Hot August Night", and his first cassette recorder. Years later, following success in an accordian school, he took years of tortuous piano lessons that fostered a deep derision for notated music. Having been allowed to quit formal lessons, he blossomed at the piano, playing by ear during synth heavy days of new-wave. Early songwriting is evidenced on ancient tapes found in various toyboxes. He started drumming, recording & making his own album art at about age 12 and by age 15 was compiling cassetes for friends & family on a regular basis. High School found Mike wishing he could play guitar (all the keyboard & drums gigs were taken), and at the age of 20 he started learning guitar in earnest. He joined many a garage band in the early 90's, hired on as guitarist only to be used as a drummer & playing other people's material. This continued until a stint as a guitarist led to the formation of what is now his current band project. Through these bands he functioned as a recording engineer, producing all his bands recording projects, as well as engineering and producing for other acts. Today, as Vocalist/Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer for the power pop quartet sparkle*jets u.k., he is kept busy working in his own studio, producing various sessions, and doing CD mastering, design, & web design for his label of the last 12 years, crab apple records.


Bands / Projects Include:

The Crab Apple Corps: Various Noises
Route 66: Keyboards, Vocals
The Meltones: Drums
True Peace: Keyboards, Vocals
Bitters End: Drums, Vocals
Ron & Nancy: Founding Member & Drummer, Vocals, Guitar
Pop Casserole: Guitar, Vocals, Produced 45 EP "Triple A Side"
Stormy Pudding: Drums, Vocals, Produced CD "Stormy Pudding, the Songs of M.L. Groot"
Canadian Girlfriend: Guitar, Vocals
Barry Drew More: Produced "Too Corny to Be Existential"
Virgin 7: Lead Guitar & Vocals, Produced CD "Warmest Personal Regards" (now released as "John Carrillo")
Yummy Sounds: Drums, Guitars, Produced EP
The In Crowd: Guitar, Vocals
Happy Birthday: Guitars, Vocals
Sparkle*Jets U.K.: Guitars, Vocals, Produced CD "In, Through, and Beyond" GET YOURS!

Discography (Solo Albums unless band name mentioned)

Beatle Parodies Vol. 1
Blue Image - Retrospect: The First Three Years
American Pop
DOINK! / I'll Take Mine Rare - The Crab Apple Corps
Doctrine of Humors
Lonely / Dysfuctional Lovelife
Album! Album!
Busy Picking on Babylon
Bitters End
E Ticket Day in Dismaland
Doink! II
Why Bother Listening?
Ron & Nancy - The Neighborhood Freaks!
100% Pure Pop
The Hiss Years
Mike Sings Your Favorites
Stormy Pudding - The Songs of M.L. Groot
Barry Drew More - Too Corny to be Existential
Pop Casserole - Triple A Side
Boredom Spawned a CD
Welcome to My World
Stormy Pudding - Back to the Parish Hall
Proof that Mike Loves the Beatles, Beach Boys, & ELO
Virgin 7 - Warmest Personal Regards (released as "John Carrillo")
Yummy Sounds
I Have No Equal
Sparkle*Jets U.K. - In, Throught, and Beyond BUY IT!


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