A VETERAN (as in music, not Vietnam), and the Bass player for sparkle*jets u.k.


helps create the bands authentic Power Pop feel by employing an aggressive picking style and years of playing every cover song known to man/womankind

loves tube amps, old basses, and his favorite singer is Susan

says his top three musical moments were:
· IPO 2000 in Hollywood
· Sharing the stage with Frank Zappa
· Jamming with Michael Bloomfield

has performed in clubs across the United States, Scandinavia and Russia.

knows what it feels like to be offered beer from a drunken, biker’s boot, loves Texas Bar-BQ and has been to Elvis’s house.

is a student teacher at Fountain Valley High School

lists among his goals:
· to reduce the amount of negativity in the world
· form a Pop music club at Fountain Valley High School
· and looks forward to buying his son Julian, a left handed, Hofner, Beatle Bass


Band Name



sparkle*jets u.k. Power Pop Now
Happy Birthday Prototype SJUK 1996-1998
Patty & Susan Show Coffee House 1994-1995
Social Fiction Too Serious 1992-1993
The Boyfriends Mercenary 1987-1991
The Stand Alt Rock 1985-1986
Better Homes Power Pop 1983-1984
Young Moderns New Wave 1980-1982
Boss Tweed 70's Rock 1979
Night Hawk Bar Band 1978-1979
Magi Bar Band 1975-1977
Greg Carol Group Lounge Lizards 1972-1974
Wing Rock School Rock 1972
Possum Country Rock 1970
The Acid Cellophane Ceremony Garage Band 1967-1969


JamieI’m glad to have stumbled on to the LA Pop and Power Pop scene. I have always loved music from the sixties and seventies but was not interested in living in the past. The LA Pop Scene is musically what I have been looking for.

Since MTV has destroyed the importance of the singer/songwriter, music has become less and less about the song, and primarily focuses on the next "look" or the lives of people fitting the advertising industry's demographic profile of the prime 18-22 year old target market. Throughout the 1990’s, music was not especially friendly if you were an outsider. I’m not saying that there weren’t great songs being written; rather my observation is that if you liked music, you needn’t apply if you didn’t look the part. "Alternative", which used to include everybody that wasn’t a metal band, also became this tattooed expression that I like to call “New Tribalism”. Rock was turning into this dark art form without a purpose.

The LA Pop Scene is not devoted to image; it is about great music and great bands. The vibe of the fans is extremely warm. At many of David Bash’s International Pop Overthrow shows, you get the feeling that if you lost your wallet, someone would find you and give it back with the money still untouched. I see this music scene, if properly nourished, as bringing back music that is fun and to give our musical heritage a chance to rest (how many times can you listen to songs from your youth before you scream “I want new music that I like!”). It is ironic that most people that grew up with Rock music have mega stereo/CD/DVD systems, but less music to choose from…


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